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COVID-19 Solutions

We are solutions-driven and will tailor-make a solution to suit any of your requirements.


We offer an ever-expanding range of COVID-19 solutions for your business. We use a number of products to ensure a workspace that is safe and properly sanitized, thus creating the best environment for you and your staff to work in with trust.

Our Solutions

  • Anti-microbial Fogging

  • Non-invasive Fogging (mist)

  • Emergency Decontamination Response (24/7)

  • Full Building Deep Clean

  • TouchPoint Sanitization

  • Chlorine Wipedown 

  • Vehicle Decontamination

  • Workspace Sanitization 

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • PPE Equipment

  • And more

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Contact Justin

Tel: 082 442 6233

Contact Steven

Tel: 061 463 8654

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