One-off Initial Cleans

Wash rooms Deep Cleans:

The surfaces of urinals, toilet bowls and hand basins frequently become stained with brown rust and lime scale due to corrosion in plumbing and chemicals added at the treatment plants. These build up in difficult to get to areas creates the perfect trap for harmful bacteria to multiply and the risk of infection due to the release of bacteria into the air is very real. While the daily cleaning of urinals, toilet bowls and hand basins will remove dirt and grime as well as sanitizing the surface, it will not remove the build-up of scale and rust stains. Our specialized Deep Clean team use a very specific cleaning process involving the use of acid cleaning solutions which requires care and expertise during the cleaning operation. The use of bacterial cleaners extends into the effluent system, helping to reduce unpleasant odours and assisting the free flow of toilet wastes. With our highly specialized cleaning process we are able to produces white porcelain, sparkling taps, and shiny stainless steel and pleasant smelling cloakrooms which your staff and clients will appreciate Pre Occupation Cleaning

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